Physician Ownership

Physician Ownership


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The physicians who referred you to our center may have an ownership interest or investment in the center. You are always free to choose a different facility for your surgery.

The Findlay Surgery Center is owned and operated by Findlay Surgery Center, LTD consisting of:

• Dr. Jihad Alammar
• Dr. Eric Browning
• Dr. Steven Copeland
• Dr. James Davidson
• Dr. Carmen Doty-Armstrong
• Dr. Andre Gilbert

• Dr. Phillip Havens
• Dr. Robert Heacock
• Dr. Randall Huff
• Dr. Jeffery McMath
• Dr. Erik Neilsen
• Dr. Stephen Orr
• Dr. Richard Polder
• Dr. Robert Schutz
• Dr. Thomas Strigle
• Dr. Douglas Yoder
• Dr. George Adam

• Dr. Craig Sellers
• Dr. Scott Marsh
• Dr. Andrew Layne
• Dr. Evan McBeath
• Blanchard Valley Hospital

For more information about our facility, our team, or our outpatient surgical services, please contact us today at (419) 429-0409.